I want to focus on “beauty” in different cultures and how they are viewed. What is beauty to these women and how it differs from culture to culture? It would be similar to my first proposal but I think this one would be more concentrated. I was at Ripley’s believe it or not and I saw this one asian culture (I forgot where they were from) and apparently men finds them attractive if they have long necks, they keep adding rings around them to make it longer and thinner. The longer their necks are, the more attractive they are. And, I think this project would be interesting to work on.

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Lindsey and I decided to change our topic to the history of cupcakes. How cupcakes came about and how it attracts many individuals. We would interview the employees at some famous bakery stores and the customers  who buys them.

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  1. biancaerriah says:

    Hey Lila!
    This topic sounds good! But i think if you try to make it more specific it would make your research findings simpler. What if you picked a specific Asian country? or two specific countries and compare what “beauty” is to the two.
    Also, do men feel the same way? Do they have to please the women by changing their “beauty” by elongating their necks?

  2. Antonia says:

    I like the cupcake idea! Remember what we talked about: your research should focus on the history of cupcake culture in NYC (that’s a great visual project!), on the existing bakeries as well as the people involved with them: bakers, customers, admirers etc. Your *critical* lens would focus on gender, ethnicity and maybe age?

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