visual exploration

This photo was taken at Whole Foods Market  in the city. I want to do a research on the history of cupcakes and it where originated from. Each and every cupcakes have a unique design on them and they look almost too pretty to consume.

These cupcakes have their own personalities. In this project, I want to know how they originally looked like and how they come to look like this today. People are becoming more and more creative and maybe, it’s not all about the taste anymore and just simply the “beauty” of it.

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2 Responses to visual exploration

  1. Antonia says:

    Good start, Lila! The only thing that confuses me in your explanation is the way you describe your study. I don’t think you should just find out about the origins of cupcakes, and the different varieties (even if that will be part of your project), but also apply a “critical lens” on this topic: who bakes them? who sells them? who buys them, where, and why? …

  2. biancaerriah says:

    I agree with Antonia, Lila. Although the origins will give an insight on your topic having the “who what where when and why” in this project will take you on a different level and looking at this project from a different aspect. Kind of like when you go to the beach and you want to get in the water so you just wet your toes because its cold. then eventually you’ll go all in. That would put the icing on ur cupcake, haha ! =]

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