My project is going to be on the history of cupcakes and it’s not going to be a hassle taking photos of cupcakes, but some bakery stores might not allow me and my partner to take any photographs in the store and that might affect us as we can’t gather the photos we want of the cupcakes. We would want to ask for the permission of the store and we’ll let them know that the store name would be mentioned and anything can be private if we’re asked to do so, but if they still persist not to consent then we can find other ways to gather our information. We would search in baking books and the internet for more pictures if needed and also, we can bake and take pictures of our own work.

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  1. biancaerriah says:

    Lila, you’re absolutely right! Although taking pictures of cupcakes wouldnt be breaking any ethical codes, you have to be careful about taking picture in particular bakerys. they may be very picky and say their work is original and doesnt want their work to be posted all over your blogs. However, I’m sure once you inform them about your purpose and background of your proposal they would see it as an advertising opportunity.
    Informing participants is probably the most important part of getting information. Once they know your purpose I’m sure they’d be glad to help in the study

  2. Antonia says:

    Good start. I agree with biancaerriah. And I would add that most probably stores won’t have a problem with you taking pictures — they might even want to be mentioned by name. Let’s keep talking about the “critical lens” of your study, I keep missing this in your posts.

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