Questionnaire for Final Project

This is a questionnaire to measure individuals love for cupcakes for a project in Antonia Levy’s Visual Sociology class. This questionnaire is anonymous and confidential.

Please do not include your name or any other identifying information with this questionnaire.

Questions for Customers:

-Is this your first time at this store?, (if no: How often do you come here to buy cupcakes?)

-Why do you come to this particular store?

-Where else do you buy cupcakes?

-Knowing how costly each cupcake can be, do you buy these cupcakes out of convenience or necessity?

-Each time you come here, do you stick to your old reliable flavor or do you try something new and exciting?

-What do you like about the cupcakes? What keeps you coming back for more?

-Do you think the cupcakes are worth its price?

-How did you heard about this shop? Are you a regular costumer?

-What are some of your favorite flavors of cupcakes? Why

Questions for Employees and Store Owners

-What drew you to work here?

-What is the most popular flavor?

-What was the largest order that was ever placed?

-What would you say is original about your cupcakes?

-What kind of costumers do your cupcakes attract? Who buys them?

-How do you attract your costumers? Ads, name of cupcakes, etc.

-Can you tell us a bit about the history of the store?

-What type of cupcakes are you making/selling, and why?

-What were the reasons for you to start working here?

-In general, what type of costumers come here most?

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