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I visited Magnolia Bakery at Rockefeller Center and it was really busy in there. There was a huge line and it took forever for us to get one cupcake. The bakery was mainly over-crowded with Caucasians. Since it’s located in Rockefeller Center, the majority of them were tourists. While I was waiting on line to get my cupcake, I had a short conversation with a lady standing behind me. I asked her if this was her first time trying Magnolia’s cupcakes and she said no, and when I ask what she likes about this bakery she said, it’s mainly because of the crowd and the rave about this place and it’s also because they do taste good! I asked her to recommend me a cupcake that she likes and she told me to get their red velvet because it was a must try.

The bakery smells so good when I first walked in- like baked candies if that make sense. They had so many flavors to choose from and they all look so mouth-watering, I was salivating. I think it really depends on your mood and what your taste is to pick your cupcake-of-the-day.

This photo below is their infamous red velvet cupcake and it was delightful. This happened to be one of their most favorite cupcake and is also their best selling one. I heard many reviews about their red velvet before hand and since I’ve never tried it and the lady recommend it, I have to get it.

This cupcake is topped with chucks of almonds and white chocolate. The cupcake’s name is ‘white chocolate almond’ cupcake (a cupcake that my friend got).

I thought they were rather small for its price. The red velvet was good, but it was mainly because of their heavy top cream. I guess the taste balanced out since the bottom (cake part) is not as sweet.

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