mini fieldwork experience

Tricia was my partner for this fieldwork and she was Dr. Researcher and I was Señora Participant. Our first topic was necessary improvements on Queens College campus. While Tricia was planning for her questions, I was deciding where I could bring her and we stumbled upon the Ramsen building. The outer interior of the building wasn’t so bad, but when we took the staircase, it was terribly old looking and the ceiling was falling apart. We then proceeded to the basement and it looked somewhat destructed. I personally believe that the students paid more than enough tuition each semester to have the building fixed. Tricia told me that she has a class in the basement and it’s quite disturbing, and I do believe it has the same effect on most of our Queens College students. A healthier, cleaner environment would make learning more enjoyable. Whereas, a run down building would make the students feel uncomfortable.

Tricia and I both switched role. I was Dr.Researcher and she was the participant. Our next topic was the quality of dining facilities on Queens College campus. I prepared a few questions for her while we walked over to the student union. She took two photos and we rushed back to class. My questions for her was, ‘How is the service on Queens College campus in the dining area?’ and ‘Which part of the dining area do you think needs improvement and why?’ Tricia told me that she took a photo of the computer area in the dining area because, she believed that there aren’t enough computers for the students because there’s so many of us who uses it during free hour. Then she proceeded to the lounge area and she thinks the lounge area should be a tad bigger with more seatings so the students can have more space to relax.

All in all, this was a great mini fieldwork. Both Tricia and I really enjoyed it, but did felt a tad rushed but we still managed to finish our task. The task was actually a bit harder than I expected. I choose my topic and the moment I walked out the door, I was at loss. I didn’t know where to start or go, but we took the time to hunt around and we did it. I liked both roles, but if I have to choose I think being the Dr. Researcher was a little easier because it’s always easy to question your participant why he/she took that particular photo and why it made them feel a certain way. Being the participant was more laid back, but you really need to know what you’re taking a photo of and why you took it. So both roles has their pros and cons. I think the most important part of the task is just be yourself and have fun with it- like don’t think of it as ‘work’ but a task you know you will be enjoying with your partner and things will naturally flow together. I think next time, I will try to put more effort and time into the questions that I will be asking my participant as I believe that would help better the fieldwork.

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After browsing through some blogs, I think I might be interested in what people think of beauty from different ethnic backgrounds- like how they view beauty and what is beauty to them.

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getting to know your eyes

When I come home stress from school or work, the first thing I want to do is to sit in front of my fish tank and I will find peace and harmony. The sound of the bubbles the tank makes, the vivid colors of the fishes, and the movement of the water makes me feel calm. It catches my attention because, it’s like my own little world in a box and it makes me think outside of my own box. It helps me get to a place in my thoughts that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to in this busy, distracting world.

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Hi, my name is Lila Wong and one thing about me is,  I love tiramisu, which is an Italian desert.  Tiramisu means “pick me up” in Italian, or it’s an expression of saying, “i miss you”. Here’s the catch: During the war time, husbands were sent to wars and their wives stayed at home waiting for their lovers to come home, and they would bake tiramisus for their husbands to remind them of how much they misses them, and the husbands would eat it and think of their wives. It could be a myth, but the story sounded so romantic that I, too, fell in love with the desert. I love sweets and I am a hopeless romantic.

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